Stress Tips


by Charles Barilleaux
by Charles Barilleaux

Life can get overwhelming quickly. Whether it is through relationships, financial pressures or unfulfilling activities there is one thing you should remember – you are in control! You have the power within you to work through your troubles and decrease your stress. Here are some measures which I find useful.

  • Recognise that you are stressed. It’s ok to be stressed, it’s OK to be worried, and it’s OK to feel disheartened. It is all part of the emotional roller coaster we call life. Recognise you are stressed, isolate why you are stressed and use some of the following measures to decrease your stress levels.
  • Think positive. Sometimes we work ourselves into a state of despair. Take a step back and make a conscious decision to be positive about your situation. Try and see the positive side – you will make rent, you will lose those pounds and you can do it! Write down three positive things that happened today before you go to bed. This will get you into good positive habits.
  • Take a bath or do something equally relaxing. Take the time out of your busy day to do something you enjoy. Try to just focus on the enjoyable task at hand, and mediate for a few minutes, focusing on your breathing.
  • Do some gentle exercise. Going for a walk or a gentle bike ride can do wonders on your mental health. Don’t be afraid to do another loop of the block if you need more time to let your mind think about your problems.
  • Call a friend. Studies show that people who spend more time socialising with their families and friends have better mental health. Pick up the phone and call someone who you like talking to.

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