Staying Fit and Healthy as a New Parent

It’s so easy to get side-tracked with everything that needs to be done when you have a baby that it’s hard to prioritise your own diet and exercise. But you can get it all done – and more! Here are some tips to save time on food preparation and how to fit in the exercise you need.

Fit and Healthy Parents

Healthy Time Saving Tips

Plan your healthy meals and cook them in bulk. You would be surprised how many people get to the supermarket without a list of meals that they are cooking and ingredients they need. The advantage of planning your meals and writing a shopping list beforehand is that it forces you to think about the content of your meals. If you want your daily vegetable intake this is how you will get it. The other advantage of planning is you can start to think, “what if I doubled the recipe and cooked it in a bigger pot, could it last two meals?” The majority of the time you will find the answer is yes. You can also cook bigger stir-fries and pasta meals by thinking about adding carrot, zucchini, mushrooms and other vegetables to fill out the meals a bit more.

Another way of saving time cooking is to portion your meals before serving! Once you have cooked something, divide it up into the portions you want to eat and put the other portions in individual containers in the fridge or freezer. You have just saved yourself time because you don’t need to cook another meal and you have stopped yourself from overeating.


Your baby will take up the majority of your time in coming days, months and years. In order to have the figure you want whilst parenting you need to find things that you can do that will work with your schedule.

  • Buy an exercise or yoga DVD. These DVDs are a great way of exercising at home. You can keep one eye on your baby and the other at the screen. Set an exercise schedule and stick to it.
  • Get some weights for your home and watch Youtube tutorials on what exercise you can do at home with your weights. Weights are an excellent way to exercise – they have the advantage adding muscle to your physique. Muscle burns more energy than fat, so having more muscle will make it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Go for lengthy walks and runs with your pram. Ensure that your baby is comfortable and protected from the elements. This may mean putting shade on your pram, using sunscreen or wrapping your child in protective clothing. Pushing a pram is excellent exercise. Try to gradually pick up the pace.
  • Increase the amount of passive exercise you do in your day to day life. Walk up those stairs, walk or ride to places if you can. Go for a walk at lunchtime. Do some gardening.
  • Ask your parent or spouse to look after your baby while you exercise. If possible lock this activity in and let it be known that you are going to do this activity every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. By doing this it will encourage you to exercise when you say you are going to and set up a constant routine.